APR 410

The APR 410

Lead with the APR Control; Preferred Choice for Air Conditioning Part Load Requirements

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For 30 years the APR Control has benefited engineers who design and specify air conditioning systems and solutions by providing exceptional modulation and part load control. During that time, APR Controls have remained a budget friendly solution that can provide similar or greater turndown compared to current air conditioning technology, up to 80%!

The APR Control capacity modulation has been embraced throughout the industry as an excellent solution for part-load modulation requirements.

APR Control Applications

Types of applications the APR excels at:

  • VAV
  • Dehumidification
  • MUA/ Fresh Air
  • Variable occupant load
  • A variety of service challenges!

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) changes due to health concerns require significant improvements to HVAC systems. The APR Control can be an effective modification for both existing and new equipment applications to meet these new demands. In addition to a few direct performance advantages with the APR Control, you can field retrofit an existing/in-place unit where other part load solutions are not as easily applied.

The APR Control is known as the “set it and forget it” solution throughout the HVAC industry. The APR may require a one-time adjustment upon installation and startup of the system. It is self-regulating and will not require additional attention after initial commissioning. Providing alternative design solutions, an APR Control enhanced air conditioning system allows for Total System Optimization design without the need for complicated Equipment Control Strategies.

Refrigerant flow control is a key requirement especially when airflow modulation is needed, like in VAV (single and multi-zone). Modulation is also a benefit anytime the load varies as in make-up air or in large percentage fresh air applications, as in all new “COVID design requirements.” Most of the direct expansion (DX) air conditioning systems currently in-place Do Not employ any form of modulation but will benefit greatly from its addition!

Dehumidification (or any humidity sensitive) applications can be enhanced with the modulation the APR Control provides while keeping the evaporator in a dehumidifying mode.

The Efficiency of APR Control

The result of the APR Control modulating prevents overcooling the space too soon and keeps the compressor active longer. Keeping the evaporator coil active and the coil temperature below dew point of the entering air extends the dehumidification process. As a reminder, without the compressor active, there will be no dehumidification occurring! This explains why compressor runtime is critical to effective humidity control.

Additionally, the APR Control has successfully proven its ability to reduce total power consumption of a new or existing system installation. The APR Control reduces the pressure differential across the compressor, which has been proven to reduce power consumption. An APR Control enhanced compressor will consume less Kw/hr while active. While producing less cooling (Btu’s), an APR enhanced system also allows for less power consumption on the fan motor. Learn more about the Energy efficiency benefits of the APR Control.

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