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Davis Rawal, founder of the Rawal Device, was one of those engineers who could find cost-effective solutions to unusual problems. Rawal’s ingenuity ranged from inventions that resulted in patents (a very early air-to-air heat exchanger) to solutions that provided an edge in winning and completing a competitive project (a severely space-constrained DX evaporator air handling unit).

This creativity resulted in the development of the APR Control, also known as the Rawal device. Davis was consulting on a project where an engineer specified standard hot-gas bypass to the evaporator coil. The design required multiple large-capacity split systems with evaporators hundreds of feet from the condensers. Knowing that the hot gas would condense prior to arriving at the evaporator coil entrance, Rawal looked for another unique solution. That solution became the APR Control.

Davis recognized that the APR Control's unique design provided advantages, such as less installed cost, especially on split-system applications, and much smoother response to system and load changes. He started envisioning additional opportunities and applications for the device.

Since 1993, the APR Control has been applied to temperature- and humidity-sensitive spaces that would normally require considerable reheat in high-percentage outside air systems, as well as multiple evaporator zoning applications. We have provided solutions, not just products, to thousands of engineers, facility managers, and service contractors across the country and around the world.

Rawal Devices is a member of Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI).


Richard M. Rawal – President

Amy Ruggiero – Vice President 

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