APR 410

Lead with the APR Control; Preferred Choice for Air Conditioning Part Load Requirements

Our APR Control has helped engineers for over 30 years to design and specify exceptional air conditioning systems and solutions. How so? Here are just a few reasons why: • It’s budget friendly • It can provide greater turndown than current air conditioning tech by 80% • It excels at applications for VAV, dehumidification, MUA/fresh air, etc. • Variable occupant load The APR Control capacity modulation has been embraced throughout the industry as an excellent solution for part-load modulation requirements. Learn more about why APR Control is the preferred choice for air conditioning, and how you can sign up for a webinar customized to solve your team’s design challenges.

APR Control Inventory Lead Time

The ​​heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry is experiencing longer than usual lead times. Here’s what we know and how we can help. Why The HVAC Industry Is Experiencing Longer Than Usual Lead Times Whether it’s the notorious “micro-chip shortage”, a general yet significant increase in shipping costs, or simply lack of labor, Rawal Devices doesn’t have any better insight than the rest of you who may be reading this. However, at Rawal Devices, we know that your customers still need their HVAC systems performing appropriately and they need it now! We can help you get around these lead time issues with our abundance of stock and live technical assistance. Our APR Control can help address you and your customer’s needs immediately as opposed to waiting for new equipment or parts with extensive lead times.