Sheraton World Resort

Sheraton World Resort in Orlando was experiencing humidity-related issues with mold and mildew odors in some of the guest rooms. Room occupants were objecting to the odors, and as a result, the wallpaper, bedspreads, curtains, and carpets were being removed and replaced frequently.

Fairbrother Engineering was hired to evaluate and issue a recommendation for correcting the problem at the source – the short-cycling PTAC air conditioning systems. Several different solutions were attempted and the resulting temperature and humidity levels in the space were tracked.

The APR Control was one of the solutions proposed. The device was then run for about a week against a baseline room (with identical load characteristics and no modification). The results were tracked via a datalogger to allow a comparison of the room conditions both with and without APR Control enhancement.

Over the week-long test, the temperature range was similarly maintained in both test rooms within 2° to 2.5°F thermostatic of setpoint. Humidity in the space without the APR Control had a range of 27% relative humidity (RH) from a low of 46% to a high of 73.2%. The room with the APR Control on the PTAC unit experienced a range of 8.7% RH with a low of 43.6% to a high of less than 53%.

This success in improving the humidity levels and comfort can be attributed to the APR Control’s capability to extend the runtime of the circuit, while maintaining the system in a dehumidifying mode at part-load conditions.

Fairbrother Report without APR
Fairbrother Report with APR

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