Rawal Contractors


Opportunities exist with all of your DX HVAC customers

APR Control is a Variable Capacity Enhancement for new & existing DX (direct expansion) systems in a wide range of Commercial and Industrial facilities and applications (for example):

  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Restaurant and Food Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial & Retail Space

Provide flexibility – adapt to changing load/criteria

  • Rehabilitate instead of replacing existing units to meet new space demands
  • APR Control’s true load-matching performance delivers up to 80% plus turndown on standard DX systems
  • Extend run-time of compressor for continuous dehumidification
  • APR Control unloads the compressor, drawing lower power during modulation

Versatility for quick turnaround bids (shorter lead times!)

  • Ability to customize stock equipment for special applications, especially with budget or lead time constraints
  • Wide variety of systems and application solutions
    • Spaces with frequent load fluctuation (schools, offices, manufacturing, etc.)
    • VAV, VVT, Make Up Air, & High Percentage Outside Air Applications
  • Eliminate the need for customized equipment with long lead times

Value engineering option

  • Reduce up-front equipment costs
  • Provide variable capacity without use of expensive, complex technology

System protection for variable airflow volume (VAV) applications

  • APR is a necessity for systems with VFD on evaporator fan
  • Protects refrigeration circuit during low airflow operation

APR is the Service Solution

  • Eliminates High Humidity

  • Reduces Temperature Fluctuations

  • Extends Compressor Lifespan

  • Protects Refrigeration Circuit

  • True load-matching up to 80% plus turndown on standard DX Systems

  • Use it everywhere to meet space requirements