Pre-Installation Training

This technical session(via Microsoft Teams) is intended for installing technicians and provides a 20 minute instructional overview on the installation & operation of the APR Control. First time installers will gain a better understanding of the precautions and techniques that should be taken into consideration when installing an APR Control. The goal is to ensure an efficient and timely installation.

Pre-Installation Webinars are offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ 9:00 AM/ET as long as people are registered beforehand. Our Technical Support team can also accommodate your busy schedules by offering private webinars for a time that works best for you.

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APR Control Product Presentation

This educational presentation is intended for those who are more familiar with the APR Control and would like to know more. This 45min-1hr webinar goes into detail about why capacity control is necessary, how the APR Controls work from a technical perspective, as well as covering many of the benefits and vast array of particular projects/applications where it is most often applied.

15 Minute APR Introduction

This educational presentation is intended both for people who are familiar with the APR and would like a quick refresher, as well as individuals who have never heard of us and would like to gather more information. This brief, 15-minute webinar covers the benefits of the APR Control and how it works from a high level.

Personalized Training Request

Looking for a more specific type of training that fits your team’s schedule? Contact us below with your request.

APR Control

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