In our age of infectious diseases, institutional facilities place a high priority on managing indoor air quality. Maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels are essential to inhibiting airborne pathogens and allergens. In addition, institutional settings can benefit from the Rawal APR Control in the following ways:

  • Adapting system capacity to varying occupancy (by area and season) & load (day vs. night operation)
  • Significant reductions in installed cost
  • Better system reliability and extended operational life


The Rawal APR Control is currently being used in the following types of institutions:

  • K-12 and higher education – Due to the varying load and resulting high humidity, oversized split-system unit ventilators on a school in New Jersey were adapted with the APR Control. The device allowed the systems to modulate capacity to match varying load and high ventilation requirements (as high as 30% to 40% outside air). Humidity levels were dramatically reduced without the need for specialized and costly “end-type” controls.
  • Hospitals – A plastic surgery practice was experiencing performance and reliability problems with its air conditioning systems. The requirement to maintain a low room temperature with proper humidity levels wreaked havoc with coils (freezing) and system availability. APR Controls reduced the downtime the spaces were experiencing while maintaining the humidity in the correct zone.
  • Libraries – An Alabama library had high humidity leading to damaged books and historical documents. To resolve the issue, the library tried electric reheat to add a false load to the oversized systems. The APR Control was tested as a solution and ultimately allowed the library to eliminate the electric reheat. The Rawal APR Control alone succeeded in reducing the humidity levels in the space to the 50% relative humidity range.

The Rawal APR Control is currently being used in the following institutional settings:

  • Institutional living
  • Houses of worship
  • Community centers (e.g. Boys and Girls Clubs)
  • Residential buildings (Condominiums, houses)
  • Sports complexes
  • Public buildings

The APR Control is NOT Hot Gas Bypass

APR Control® Complies with Energy Codes

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