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Rawal Devices offers not merely a product for sale, but a wide range of solutions for the challenges often faced by mechanical engineers, air conditioning contractors, and facilities owners and operators. With years of experience supporting air conditioning installations, our engineers and customer support personnel can provide solutions that help air conditioning and heat pump systems better suit their applications.

Rawal Devices takes a holistic approach to environmental comfort conditioning. We consider many factors that impact system performance, such as system size and staging, load parameters, current operating issues (including duty cycle and humidity levels), as well as controls integration.

With an exceptional record of solving a wide range of system and application problems, Rawal Devices brings the resources necessary to help evaluate and resolve any issues you may encounter. While many applications will benefit from the addition of the APR Control, there are times when we can solve system and operational problems through servicing, without the need for a Rawal device.

Please call us for assistance with your most challenging applications.


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