How to adjust the Rawal APR Control Valve

Adjust the APR Control to Optimize DX Performance

For years, the APR Control has been known as a “set-it and forget-it” solution for capacity modulation throughout the HVAC industry. For most standard DX comfort cooling applications, the factory setting of the APR will solve the problem and typically does not require adjustment.
However, the APR Control is by no means a one-size fits all solution. Every job or application is unique, and it is completely adjustable if the runtime is inadequate or low load operation fails to cause suction pressure to fall low enough (the point at which the APR Control starts to open).
Read more to find out how to determine if the APR Control requires adjusting and learn more about the adjustment process. You will learn how to adjust the APR Control® Compression Ratio Reduction valve to gain the maximum performance from your DX system.