Providing modulating direct expansion at superior system efficiencies

In the design of small direct expansion systems, the APR Control gives the contractor or engineer the opportunity to select equipment based on maximum possible load and have continuous capacity modulation down to the minimum required load – all at increased system efficiencies.

System Benefits

  • Modulates system capacity to match varying loads
  • Maintains the evaporator in a continuous dehumidifying mode
  • Prevents excessive compressor cycling
  • Eliminates direct expansion coil icing or freezing
  • Drives the system into a constant temperature & stabilized humidity mode by creating long operating cycles

User Benefits

  • Modulating capacity results in a constant area temperature
  • Continuous dehumidification equals stabilized humidity control
  • Excessive cycling elimination results in longer equipment life
  • Elimination of coil icing results in reduced likelihood of equipment failure
  • Greater energy efficiency equals reduced operating costs
  • Constant temperature and stabilized humidity mean greater comfort

Selection Assistance

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