How do I select the proper APR Control for my system?

Each APR Control needs to be sized and selected by Rawal Devices’ Engineers based on your specific system and application.

The APR Control is not a one size fits all solution. We select and size each individual APR Control that leave our factory.

In order for our team to properly size and select the APR Control(s) that is best for your system, we will need to know the following information:

· Refrigerant Type
· Total Systems capacity in tons
· Capacity of the lead stage in tons
  • The compressor and circuiting configuration Example: Dual stage/dual circuit (two independently controlled circuits) Example: Dual stage/single circuit (two independently controlled stages on a single circuit)
· Is there a lead-lag control (does first stage on rotate between compressors/circuits)?
· Evaporator Coil Configuration
  • Single circuit
  • Dual circuit intertwined
  • Dual circuit split face
  • Or Other Configuration
· Split or Package System
· Split systems will require additional information, including:
  • Suction line size (inches OD)
  • Line size of ANY AND ALL suction risers (inches OD)
  • Total suction line length
  • Total length of ALL suction risers