Why does Rawal Devices believe every system is oversized? Why is the APR Control the solution?

It is inevitable that an HVAC system is oversized by design. Almost all HVAC design parameters calculate the cooling load expected on the machine on the hottest day of the year, full building occupancy, all interior equipment in operation (lights, computers, printers, process machinery, etc.).

The reality is, these conditions will only occur less than 10% of the year, with even a smaller percentage being above design conditions. Leaving the majority of the time well under design conditions. As a result, the equipment selected is most likely oversized to accommodate the extremes (at or above design conditions). Now this leaves a piece of equipment that will be oversized for most of the year.

Oversized equipment will lead to component abuse, short-cycling, high humidity, and generally uncomfortable space conditions. With the APR Control’s ability to lower the capacity to match the actual space conditions, all these symptoms can be eliminated.