Why You Should Choose APR Control

Why APR Control?

Air conditioning applications suffer from systemic problems, such as dehumidification, that are not easily solved with current equipment and controls capabilities. Even modern air conditioning systems are unable to vary system capacity to match changing load conditions other than with expensive technologies.

Proper system selection (matching capacity to load) is difficult even in the best circumstances because load rarely remains constant. Operational conditions change seasonally, monthly, daily, and even hourly. Changes in occupancy, solar gain, and ventilation air, to name just a few, are inevitable. Every contractor and engineer has experienced systems that short cycle or cannot maintain dehumidification and comfort because they are oversized.

The Value of Modulation is Priceless

Air conditioning systems enhanced with the APR Control address many of these challenges. In addition, the APR provides the benefit of greater system and compressor reliability. The APR Control is the key ingredient in creating optimized, energy efficient air conditioning systems in many types of applications.

  • Variability in cooling demand (compressor cycling)

  • High humidity & short cycling (lack of comfort)

  • Compressor protection for VAV/VVT applications

  • Coil frosting/Liquid flood-back leading to reliability and system longevity

  • Ventilation and fresh air performance

  • Tight temperature and humidity requirements

  • Optimization for Energy Efficiency

The APR Control Complies with Energy Codes

APR Control® is NOT Hot Gas Bypass

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