Energy Efficiency

APR Control Indirect Savings with Capacity Modulation

APR Control Indirect Savings with Capacity Modulation

Indirect Savings

Additional ways to use the APR for energy savings optimization

Optimization is only possible with the power of DX modulation. Modulation to match changing load conditions reduces or eliminates cycling. There is a wide range of studies recognizing that increasing the runtime by just 4 minutes (from 5 to 9 minutes after start) can improve the efficiency up to 17% (See Energy Star “Right-Sized Air Conditioners” 2005).

Reduced humidity allows for greater comfort at a higher temperature. It has been proven that the APR Control has lowered the humidity substantially in many varied applications. As a result of lower humidity, similar thermal comfort can be achieved at a higher thermostat set point. Studies have shown that a higher set point can save as much as 10% percent on your power.

Other Indirect Savings:

  • Eliminate/minimize need for electric/gas reheat (for dehumidification) – APR Control prevents overcooling of discharge air
  • Supply air temperature reset control strategies with the APR-E
  • Eliminate/minimize reheat in VAV systems – APR Control will allow a lower airflow set point to prevent overcooling at the VAV/zone level, minimizing/eliminating the need for VAV box reheat.
  • Allows the system to operate at a lower fan speed (below typical 400 CFM/ton DX equipment design)
  • Systems with hot gas reheat/ hot liquid reheat – the refrigeration circuit operates at full capacity, the reheat coil rarely matches cooling capacity. This forces the system to run at full capacity when the benefits may be questionable. APR provides power saving modulation to achieve dehumidification.

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.