The APR Control & Heat Pumps

The APR Control & Heat Pumps

The APR Control Enhances Heat Pumps

In the case of heat pumps, you have to prioritize capacity for either cooling or heating. 

If you are prioritizing and sizing for the heating load, the result will often be excess cooling capacity. The APR Control will reduce the cooling capacity to match changing load conditions without affecting the heating and as a result, the APR is the greatest solution ever!

If you are prioritizing and sizing for the cooling load, operating conditions rarely meet design conditions, as a result often the cooling capacity in the circuit is too large for the load. The APR Control will modulate cooling capacity to match changing load conditions. 

Local and State Governments are encouraging a move towards all-electric energy consumption, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint (decarbonization). 

Did you know the APR Control can be installed in heat pumps?

The APR Control will provide the same benefits in Air-air, Water Source, and even Geothermal Heat Pumps when it comes to excess cooling capacity.

  • Cooling cycle benefits from the APR Control modulating capabilities:
      • Extends runtime
      • Modulates refrigerant flow to match changing loads
      • Improves dehumidification
      • Protects compressor and refrigeration circuit(s)
      • In cases where heat pumps are sized for heating, the excess cooling capacity is exceptionally managed by the APR Control
  • The APR Control will benefit your heat pump cooling performance, exactly the way it benefits your straight cooling air conditioning system.
    • Heating will not be impacted when installed per Rawal Devices’ instructions. 

  1. See our Heat Pump Installation Diagram

    R-410A APR Control Installation Package_230202

    Call us if you have any questions about installing the APR Control on a Heat Pump system!

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.