Restaurants and diners contend with fluctuating occupant loads, demanding adaptable air conditioning (AC) and heat pump (HP) systems. The ebb and flow of customers throughout the day necessitates HVAC units capable of adjusting to changing occupancy levels.

The Challenge

Restaurants Air conditioning systems must  allow make-up air to be provided for the kitchen for safe food production while controlling humidity levels for employees and dining room guests. Quick-serve restaurants often experience random temperature and humidity spikes from infiltration as occupancy varies during meal time rushes.

The Solution

The Rawal APR Control provides the needed capacity control for temperature and humidity mitigation and improved AC and HP (cooling) performance. The APR delivers consistent overall occupant comfort, while yielding  safe and proper food preparation and storage.

Case Studies

Rawal Valves Improve Occupant Comfort in Marco’s Pizza

Rapidly expanding pizza chain deploys Rawal APR across new locations in Texas, meeting tight timelines. Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) kitchens require exhaust hoods over grills and ovens that pull ventilation air from dining areas. That’s why makeup air needs to incorporate capacity control.

  1. Cookout restaurants across the south

    Retrofitting existing equipment to match unique space configurations

    Popular Carolina roadhouse-style restaurant chain continues to expand by moving into unique spaces. Rather than replace existing systems, they install APR Control on existing, in-place equipment to ensure proper dehumidification and expedite their time-to-open. The sooner each store opens, the sooner they can begin generating revenue.

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.