Case Study:
Restaurant’s Oversized Chiller Dilemma

How Rawal Devices' APR Control Improved Run Times to Eliminate Short Cycling and Prevent Lockouts

In the heart of Washington D.C. a bustling Japanese restaurant faced a recurring challenge: a malfunctioning chilled water system that threatened both customer comfort and kitchen operations. Environmental & Power Services (EPS), tasked with maintaining the system, faced challenges resolving the issue due to differing perspectives between the building’s design engineer and the equipment manufacturer.

Russell Barnes, Principal at EPS, knew he had to find a solution. The system, massively oversized with four 30-ton compressors when only a fraction of that was needed, was constantly short cycling and suffering from low pressure and temperature issues. These failures led to frequent lockouts, leaving the restaurant without cooling and jeopardizing both customer satisfaction and food preparation.

Faced with the prospect of a costly and disruptive overhaul, potentially involving storage tanks, pumps, and re-piping, Russell took a chance on Rawal Devices’ APR Control. Despite initial skepticism due to the complexity of the job, Russell installed the APR Control on each 30-ton circuit on the lead module. The results were transformative.

The APR Control provided 20 tons of modulation on each circuit, modulating 67% of the circuit’s capacity, from 30 tons down to 10 tons and all points in between. It effectively matched the system capacity to the actual load, eliminating short cycling and preventing further failures. The once-troubled chiller now runs consistently, ensuring a comfortable dining experience and uninterrupted kitchen operations.

This story demonstrates the power of the APR Control to resolve complex HVAC challenges, saving time, money, and frustration for contractors and their clients. It’s a testament to the effectiveness of a solution that not only addresses technical issues but also delivers tangible benefits to the end user.

Take a look at Russell sharing his experience with this job after installing the APR Control in a video testimonial:

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.