Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing facilities experience fluctuating occupant loads, demanding robust and adaptable HVAC systems.

The dynamic nature of production processes and workforce activities necessitates air conditioning units capable of adjusting to changing operational demands.

The Challenge

Sensitive materials, processes, and machinery require low humidity and stable temperatures. High humidity can destroy materials and affect production. Specialized applications often require the HVAC system to maintain tight space temperature and humidity requirements.

The Solution

The Rawal APR Control virtually eliminates cycling, reduces relative humidity levels, and continuously maintains the discharge air below the dew point requirements for the space. Rawal Devices engineers can assist in helping you create systems that will reduce operating costs and improve productivity through increased worker comfort.

Case Studies

Angiotech electronic valve test / performance

Pennsylvania pharmaceutical specialty and medical device manufacturer uses Rawal APR Control to control humidity levels in cleanrooms and avoid bacterial growth and medical equipment damage.

Solving excessive humidity in a race car parts manufacturer test lab environment

Indianapolis motor speedway manufacturer deploys Rawal APR to modulate system capacity and introduce a percentage of fresh air, helping to lower labor costs and maintenance, save energy, and improve quality assurance.

Solving high humidity issues in pharmaceutical manufacturing facility

Pennsylvania manufacturer deploys Rawal APR to maintain the discharge air below the dew point requirements for the space and comply with FDA requirements.

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.