Case Study:
Angiotech Electronic Valve

Angiotech electronic valve test / performance

One of our most committed contractors, Bob Reichenbach, service manager for The Warko Group in Reading, Pennsylvania, wanted to test one of our new APR Controls fitted with an electronic/digital hot gas modulation valve. He believed the APR-E had great potential in additional applications.

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At Angiotech, he installed the APR-E7 control on the lead 10-ton circuit of a 40-ton air conditioning system to extend runtime and minimize cycling. The device provided that lead circuit with the ability to modulate 70% in response to the temperature of the discharge air.

Reichenbach believed that setting up the system to hold a precise 55°F discharge air temperature would provide the most stable comfort level.

Humidity levels within the space were held at 45% to 50% all summer long within an office environment,” he said.

The customer was very pleased and expressed that the temperature setpoint was raised in most of the office zones as a result of the people within the space feeling more comfortable.

Most people usually lower the thermostat to feel cooler when the space has a humidity problem.”

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