Commercial Office and Retail

Any commercial retail or office space faces the same challenge – too hot/too cold and too humid being the top complaints. These problems are often driven by varying occupancy across commercial office spaces with  some companies on a regular 5-day in the office schedule while others are on a varied schedule.

The Challenge

In any commercial retail or office environment, time is money. When your building is operating below optimal comfort conditions due to an air conditioning system issue, you’re losing valuable hours of staff productivity.

All commercial spaces must adhere to strict temperature and humidity requirements. Post-pandemic and hybrid work changes in business occupancy are driving temperature and humidity swings.  

In addition, the continuously varying airflow of VAV or VVT systems that are common in commercial office buildings with multiple zones of cooling, leads to rapid compressor short cycling, coil frosting, inconsistent discharge air temperatures, and a rise in space humidity.

The Solution

The Rawal APR Control provides capacity modulation so the HVAC system can operate even during times of low occupancy without satisfying the thermostat too quickly. More continuous operation removes temperature spikes and lowers humidity. When the office is full and all the air conditioning capacity is required, the APR Control will be inactive.

Installing the APR Control on your existing HVAC units is more cost-effective than replacing all of the equipment to meet new humidity requirements.  

The APR Control is a proven, simple enhancement to the refrigeration circuit that will improve the functionality of VAV and VVT systems by providing continuous capacity modulation and enhanced dehumidification. This often eliminates the need for reheat of all types.

Installing the APR Control will also increase equipment longevity and efficiency, reducing repair costs. As a result, businesses see increased tenant comfort and equipment reliability, which positively impacts the business with higher retention rates and increased productivity.

  1. Bergen County, NJ Municipal Government Office Buildings

    Eliminate the need for costly electric reheat

    In the 70’s and 80’s when electricity was cheaper, many office buildings used electric reheat to assist with dehumidification of the spaces. APR Control can minimize the need for electric reheat in these applications, resulting in dramatic energy savings

  2. Alabama Library

    Town library protects their books from Mold damage

    One of our very first APR Control installations was for the modification of a library experiencing high humidity. Even though the temperature in the space was being maintained, the space was uncomfortable and the books were growing mold. The library installed APR Control which better maintained humidity and temperature which can mitigate mold growth.

  3. Daycare Center

    Property manager avoids litigation and solves daycare center humidity

    The tenant was dealing with humidity and mold problems inside a daycare center. They threatened to withhold rent or break their lease until the problem was solved.

    A Maryland property manager was looking for a fast solution that would appease the tenant. After deploying APR, tenants are happy and paying their bills – which  keeps the lawyers away!

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.