APR Products

Most AC systems are oversized and often fail temperature and humidity control demands. This oversizing is a necessary evil to absolutely ensure basic cooling demands are met. But the tendency of oversizing leads to short cycling – a phenomenon that causes humidity control challenges, air quality problems, as well as reliability and maintenance issues in standard staged dx air conditioning equipment.

Rawal APR Control Products

Rawal Devices manufactures the APR Control & APR-E Valve in many different sizes for a variety of refrigerants APR Model # Modulation Capacity APR-410-1 1.5 tons APR-410-2 2.5 tons APR-410-3 3.5 tons *APR-410-5 5.5 tons APR-410-6 6.5 tons APR-410-10 10 tons APR Control Application Example System Tonnage 5 Tons 5… Read More

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APR Control Installation Resources

This webpage provides a comprehensive suite of resources to simplify and expedite the installation process of Rawal APR Control. Find essential materials lists, preparation guides, and even a free webinar offered by Rawal Devices to ensure a smooth and successful installation for your HVAC system. Read More

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.