Case Studies

APR Control Case Studies

Oak Ridge Center

The Oak Ridge Center for Manufacturing Technology performed a series of energy efficiency testing of the APR installed on the lead 6.25 ton stage of a 12.5 ton Trane self-contained air conditioner at their facility. Read More

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Nodaway School District

School district retrofits unit ventilators with APR Controls. Previously, lowering fan speed to mitigate noise complaints led to multiple problems including significant water damage as a result of frozen (seasonal) hot water heating coils. Read More

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ASHRAE Cleanroom Research Project

ASHRAE approved research project to test and demonstrate the use of new technologies in controlled environments. The Electronic APR Control was installed to provide precise discharge air control to maintain the tight temperature tolerances of the room. Read More

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Indoor Agriculture Cannabis Farm

Cannabis ‘Grow’ facilities account for one of the fastest sectors of growth ever in HVAC! Having a properly designed HVAC system to control the exacting conditions of grow rooms is critical to increasing plant yield per week and potentially up to 1/3 more crop per harvest season. Read More

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Newsroom’s indoor environmental

HVAC function with “whisper-quiet” operation, facilitating seamless news production. However, covering the U.S. presidential election this year while also experiencing erratic staffing levels due to the COVID pandemic, variations in occupancy have negatively impacted the conditioned space. Project Objectives Improve Facilities Energy Efficiency & Climate Control while Reducing Noise Pollution… Read More

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Marco’s Pizza

Rapidly expanding pizza chain deploys Rawal APR across new locations in Texas, meeting tight timelines. Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) kitchens require exhaust hoods over grills and ovens that pull ventilation air from dining areas. That’s why makeup air needs to incorporate capacity control. Read More

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.