APR Control for R-454B

APR Control Now Compatible with R-454B Refrigerant!

Exciting news for the HVAC industry! Rawal Devices is thrilled to announce the expansion of our industry-leading APR Control technology. After rigorous research and comprehensive testing, we can confidently confirm that the APR Control is now fully compatible with the next-generation R-454B refrigerant and other low-GWP air conditioning equipment.

Your customer network across the country has come to rely on the APR Control for its exceptional capacity modulation capabilities and improved system reliability. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates with existing DX equipment, optimizing performance and minimizing energy consumption. We’re proud to say that these same core benefits translate perfectly to R-454B  air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Extensive Testing of the APR Control for R-454B Ensures a Seamless Transition

The Rawal Devices Engineering Team has conducted extensive testing to ensure the APR Control delivers the same level of exceptional performance with R-454B as it does with R-410A. This rigorous approach guarantees a smooth transition for contractors, technicians, and building owners looking to embrace the environmental advantages of R-454B without sacrificing system performance.

The APR Control for R-454B  air conditioning and heat pump systems will provide you with all of the existing benefits you know and love:

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Rawal Devices

To our benefit, the similar operating characteristics with R-410A will make for a smoother transition for HVAC distributors, engineers, contractors and facility managers alike. The Rawal APR Control for R-454B is truly a future-proof solution. Contact the Rawal Devices sales team today to learn more about how the APR Control can elevate your next R-454B project.

Together, let’s build a more sustainable and efficient future for HVAC!

Download our new APR Control Specification & Dimension Sheet Including the New R-454B APR Controls!

More information will be coming soon!

The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.