Labs, Cleanrooms, Surgical Suites

The controlled environments within these facilities demand meticulous temperature, humidity, and air quality management. Fluctuating activities, such as experiments or surgeries, necessitate adaptable air conditioning units to maintain optimal conditions.

The Challenge

Labs, cleanrooms, and surgical suites have sensitive procedures and materials with strict temperature and humidity requirements. Inability to maintain proper temperature, humidity, or air quality standards can lead to increased risk of infections and by extension, medical complications and litigation.

These systems need to run for extended periods of time, sometimes 24/7, 365 days per year. Maintaining the desired conditions is difficult and will put significant stress on any commercial DX air conditioning system.

Technical equipment is an investment often made at substantial cost. We understand the importance of system upkeep in these areas in order to maintain code compliance and protect your investments.

The Solution

As part of a well-designed solution, the Rawal APR Control can modulate system capacity, meeting the demands of the room criteria while eliminating rapid cycling that leads to a rise in spaces’ relative humidity. The ability to maintain air quality standards helps lower the risk of infections and medical complications, as well.

Case Studies

Resetting the discharge air temperature for development of ashrae cleanroom and energy saving standards

ASHRAE approved research project to test and demonstrate the use of new technologies in controlled environments. The Electronic APR Control was installed to provide precise discharge air control to maintain the tight temperature tolerances of the room.

  1. Dyne Therapeutics

    Therapeutics company uses Rawal to help meet rigorous FDA compliance requirements to ensure continued operations

    Northeast company uses Rawal APR Control to achieve precise temperatures at low loads in specialized application, protecting the compressor.

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.