Hospitals & Outpatient Care

The dynamic nature of healthcare institutions, with varying patient admissions and discharges, requires air conditioning units to constantly adapt to changing occupancy levels. This flexibility is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

The Challenge

Hospitals and outpatient care facilities experience a varying occupant load of patients and medical staff throughout the day. If unchecked, temperatures and humidity can fluctuate, damaging sensitive medical equipment, and possibly creating a less than ideal healing environment.

That’s why many hospitals and medical facilities must adhere to strict environmental, temperature and humidity criteria.

The Solution

Rawal APR Controls provides modulation for a varying load. The APR Control enables consistent discharge air that satisfies temperature and humidity criteria for equipment usage and medical storage, and provides for a comfortable environment for patients and staff alike.

Case Studies

Avoiding costly equipment replacement to meet rapid load changes

Florida radiology retrofits existing DX equipment with Rawal APR Control.

  1. Medical Center

    Achieving extremely precise temperature control using DX to satisfy medical requirements and run efficiently

    A New Hampshire medical center installs Rawal APR with DX HVAC system using a mix of mechanical and electronic APR Controls

  2. Pop-up testing & treatment facilities

    Pop-up testing/treatment disaster facilities up and running quickly with inexpensive stock equipment

    Nationwide testing & treatment facility installs Rawal APR in standard DX HVAC system, delivering reliable HVAC.

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.