APR Control Downloads

Looking to enhance the variable capacity of your DX HVAC systems in specialized environments?

On this page, you’ll find our entire library of downloadable resources (PDFs) on the Rawal APR Control, a solution designed to address the various challenges of DX equipment in commercial, industrial, and institutional settings. Whether you’re a contractor, service technician, facility manager, HVAC engineer, or distributor, these resources can equip you with the knowledge to optimize your HVAC systems and ensure peak performance. Dive in and explore our downloadable materials to learn more about the Rawal APR Control and its benefits!

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Product Brochures & Sales Sheets

Equip Yourself with Powerful APR Control Sales Tools:

In this section, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of product brochures and sales sheets designed to equip you with the information you need to effectively learn, teach, and promote Rawal APR Control to your customers. These downloadable materials provide detailed information about the product’s features, benefits, and applications, making it easier for you to showcase the value proposition of Rawal APR Control and close more deals.

APR Control Product Brochure

APR Control Sales Sheet

          Extend your R410A Equipment Life

Retrofit Marketing Sheet

Benefits to the Design Engineer

Rawal Electronic APR-E Valve Sales Sheet


Installation Materials

Streamline Your Installation Process:

This section provides a wealth of downloadable resources to simplify and expedite the installation process of Rawal APR Control. Here, you’ll find comprehensive installation guides, technical specifications, and other helpful materials to ensure a smooth and successful installation for your technicians. By leveraging these resources, you can minimize installation time and ensure optimal performance of your system with the APR Control.

APR Control Installation Package for R-410A

APR Control Installation Package for R-22

Heat Pump APR Control Installation Diagram

Tandem Compressor Configuration APR Control Installation Diagram

APR Control Troubleshooting Guide

Technical Tips: APR Control Installation & Start-Up

Specification Sheets

This section serves as a one-stop shop for both engineers and contractors involved in specifying the Rawal APR Control. You will find essential technical specifications to seamlessly integrate the APR Control into their HVAC system designs.  Explore the resources below to empower informed decision-making and streamline your Rawal APR Control projects.

R-410A APR Control Spec & Dimension Sheet

Sample Specification for R-410A

R-22 APR Control Spec & Dimension Sheet

Sample Specification for R-22

APR-410-5 Spec & Dimension Sheet

Technical Tip: Selection of APR Controls Related to Oil Entrainment

Technical Tip: Selecting the APR Control for Dual Circuit Units


Additional Technical Articles

Deep Dives into Rawal APR Control:

In this section, delve into a collection of comprehensive technical articles that provide in-depth knowledge about the Rawal APR Control. These articles explore the intricacies of the product’s design, functionality, and real-world applications. Whether you’re an engineer, contractor, or technician, this section offers valuable insights to help you optimize your understanding of the APR Control and its modulation capabilities.

RSES Journal: Resolving Customer Complaints for High Humidity

Technical Tip: The Importance of Sizing the APR Control

Utilizing the APR Control in a VAV/ VVT System

Overcoming Newsroom Environmental Challenges

Understanding the Importance of Having the Right-Sized System

Market Research: Humidity Range & Operational Parameters

School District Avoids Massive Air Conditioning System Replacement

Controlled Environments: Stabilizing Cleanroom Humidity and Temperature

Preventative Maintenance: Like it or Not!

Warko Group Strikes Perfect Humidity Balance with Rawal Devices

How to solve challenges of DX Equipment in Specialized Environments

How to Comply with the Single Zone VAV ASHRAE Standard

Excessive Humidity in Test Lab Environments

Refit DX Systems for Unstable Occupancy &Space Redesign

The Battle for the Thermostat

Still have questions? Our comprehensive FAQ section on the Contact Us page offers answers to frequently asked inquiries about the  APR Control. To see real-world examples of successful Rawal APR Control implementations, head over to our Case Studies page. And for informative demonstrations, visit our Videos page.

The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.