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APR Control Inventory Lead Time

APR Control Inventory Lead Time

In stock: APR control’s variable capacity solution

The ​​heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry is experiencing longer than usual lead times. Here’s what we know and how we can help.

Why The HVAC Industry Is Experiencing Longer Than Usual Lead Times

Whether it’s the notorious “micro-chip shortage”, a general yet significant increase in shipping costs, or simply lack of labor, Rawal Devices doesn’t have any better insight than the rest of you who may be reading this.

However, at Rawal Devices, we know that your customers still need their HVAC systems performing appropriately and they need it now!

We can help you get around these lead time issues with our abundance of stock and live technical assistance. Our APR Control can help address you and your customer’s needs immediately as opposed to waiting for new equipment or parts with extensive lead times.

The Lead Time on APR Controls

Despite most of the HVAC industry being affected by longer than usual lead times, RDI is able to keep inventory on the shelf. Rawal Devices has an abundance of stock, readily available, and offering same-day shipping to solve your air conditioning challenges immediately.

How to Avoid Long Lead Times and Project Delays with the APR Control

Our customers have creatively utilized the APR Control to get around lead time issues and project delays. Here’s what to consider for your systems:

Retrofit Rather than Replace

Rather than replace the entire existing unit, consider retrofitting the “older” unit with an APR Control to help it run better and extend its lifespan. Buying and installing a brand-new unit is costly and can extend your project timeline. You could be left waiting for weeks or even months for new equipment to arrive and be installed.

Instead of waiting and hearing from unhappy customers, you should consider adding the APR Control to the existing equipment. Installing APR Controls on existing equipment optimizes system performance and accommodates a wide variety of changing load conditions.

Go With What Is On the Shelf

If you have no choice but to replace existing equipment, trying to get a customized unit to meet your specifications will have a long lead time. Sometimes the best option is to select a unit that is in stock and add an APR Control. This will still meet most designs and provide the variable capacity modulation necessary to match the load.

Keep costs low without sacrificing performance if the unit is retrofitted with an APR Control to modulate capacity to match changing load conditions!

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.