Case Study:
Oak Ridge Center Energy Testing

Oak ridge center for manufacturing

Even as early as 1996, the APR Control was proving itself to be a valuable part of an energy efficient solution at The Oak Ridge Center for Manufacturing Technology.

The Oak Ridge Center for Manufacturing Technology performed a series of energy efficiency testing of the APR installed on the lead 6.25 ton stage of a 12.5 ton Trane self-contained air conditioner at their facility. The test directly compared electrical power consumption before and after the installation of the APR.

With the addition of the APR Control, the testing that was conducted showed an efficiency gain of nearly 20%.

The field test data indicates that the Rawal APR Control can increase operating efficiencies and produce significant energy savings when installed on air conditioning systems. After the discovery of the potential energy savings of the APR Control, Oak Ridge Manufacturing Technology themselves highly recommended the APR. Their recommendations were made to be used in applications in government facilities,  to help open new markets within the Government for inexpensive and effective energy-saving retrofit equipment.

Click Here to read a copy of the test results.

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.