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Avoid Emergency Service Calls – Stop Frozen Coils!

In this video, we dive into the crucial topic of emergency service calls from evaporator freezing in HVAC systems and how the APR Control is your ultimate solution. Evaporator freezing can wreak havoc on your system's efficiency and longevity, but with the APR Control, you can prevent it once and for all!

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Avoid Costly Compressor Failure

In this video, we cover how neglected maintenance can lead to failed compressors and how the APR Control can help. Routine maintenance is a crucial aspect of HVAC that is often overlooked. It is important to take proactive equipment care to avoid mechanical failures such as failed compressors! In the world of HVAC, preventing problems rather than just fixing them leads to happy customers – and can ensure long-term service customers. With the APR Control, you have the power to make it happen. Whether you're a Contractor/Service Technician, Facilities Manager or Building Owner, or simply curious about the Rawal APR Control Valve, you'll find something valuable in this video. 🔥 Highlights: The APR Control’s continuous capacity modulating ability can stop costly compressor failures due to any low airflow scenarios – potentially caused by neglected maintenance. The APR Control can serve as an insurance policy against the unbudgeted expenses from failed compressors due to neglected routine maintenance.

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Overcome Thermostat Limitations with the APR Control

Achieve total comfort by mastering your thermostat with the APR Control. Every facility manager, contractor, or technician has heard the complaints, “It’s too hot, too cold or it doesn’t feel quite right in here!” Remember, air conditioning isn’t about air cooling, it’s about moisture removal to improve comfort. Even in this new era of thermostat controls, most commercially available thermostats do not address or control humidity. Learn how APR Control can unleash ultimate precision in your air conditioning system that empowers you to satisfy both temperature and humidity to perfection. No more settling for too hot or too cold – with APR Control, you're in command.

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Why Are All DX Systems Oversized and How to Fix Common HVAC Challenges

Rawal Devices’ Senior Technical Engineer, Jason Santos, reveals that all DX systems are inherently oversized by design. Yes even yours! Having an oversized system will ultimately lead to short cycling of the compressor, creating an uncomfortable indoor environment because of high humidity. However, Jason will explain how the APR Control is the perfect solution for an oversized air conditioning unit that will help solve or prevent these problems from occurring.

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Understanding High Humidity in DX systems And How To Fix it

Rawal Devices’ Senior Technical Engineer, Jason Santos helps you understand the relationship between short cycling and how it leads to high humidity. Jason also explains why all DX air conditioners are oversized by design. Learn why air conditioning isn’t just about air cooling, it’s also about moisture removal.

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What is the APR Control?

The APR Control transforms standard air conditioning equipment into a variable capacity system. It stabilizes humidity and temperature, eliminates excessive cycling, extends equipment life, and reduces operating costs. The APR Control is installed in the condensing section of the unit, which eliminates the need for external piping, and is ideal in new or retrofit applications. This allows DX systems designed for full load to maintain acceptable and comfortable air quality during varying load conditions, by eliminating excessive cycling, and stabilizing temperature and humidity.

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.