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Turn Any Standard DX System Into A Variable Capacity System!

Here is some additional information about what the APR Control is, how it is commonly used, and the benefits!

Why use the APR Control?

Whether you are a Contractor, Service Technician, Facilities Manager or Building owner, you know that air conditioning applications suffer from systemic problems, such as dehumidification, that are not easily solved with current equipment and controls capabilities. The APR Control makes any standard A/C Direct Expansion unit a variable-capacity system — extending its cycle of operation and continuously matching capacity to changing load conditions.

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What is the APR Control?

Here you will find more information about what the APR Control is and insight into how it works.

Operational Description of the APR Control
Helpful Videos

Take a look through our educational videos to help you understand how the APR Control works, installing and servicing the APR, as well as the various ways the APR can be used as part of a total solution for common DX System Challenges.

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Free Product Overview (Webinar)

This online educational session (via Microsoft Teams) is intended for installing technicians and provides a 20 minute instructional overview on the installation & operation of the APR Control. It is intended for those who are more familiar with the APR Control and would like to know more. This 45min-1hr webinar goes into detail about why capacity control is necessary, how the APR Controls work from a technical perspective, as well as covering many of the benefits and vast array of particular projects/applications where it is most often applied.

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.