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Effective & easy HVAC modulation

Rawal APR Control: the inexpensive air conditioning modulation solution. Turns any new or in-place Direct Expansion (DX) air conditioning units and heat pumps into a modulating variable-capacity system – extending the cycle of operation and continuously matching capacity to changing load conditions.

By matching system capacity to the load in the space, you can reduce short cycling and extend compressor runtime, mitigating issues like:

  • High humidity
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • System wear & tear/ longevity
  • Low airflow
  • Coil frosting & Liquid slugging
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Engineering Assistance

We invest in your success – our goal is to build trust, not dependence on costly replacements!

Service / retrofit

In service scenarios, we can assist you finding solutions using the APR Control with existing equipment and controls

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Extensive support

We offer in-depth consultation and solution assistance at planning and design stage

Key benefits of APR Control

Eliminates High Humidity
Reduces Temperature Fluctuations
Extends Compressor Lifespan
Protects Refrigeration Circuit
True load-matching up to 80% turndown on standard DX
Use it everywhere to meet space requirements

Most AC and heat pump systems are oversized in order to ensure that basic cooling demands are met during peak load conditions. Because peak load conditions are infrequent, oversized equipment leads to short cycling. That can cause humidity control, air quality, reliability and maintenance problems in standard staged DX air conditioning equipment.

The Rawal APR Control

The Rawal APR Control transforms your oversized Direct Expansion (DX) air conditioner or heat pump into a variable-capacity system, extending its cycle of operation and continuously matching capacity to changing load conditions.


An oversized AC or heat pump unit will run less frequently on most days when the cooling load does not meet peak design conditions. When the AC unit is not running, the evaporator coil is not active, and no dehumidification can occur. The relative humidity in the space will rise,  creating the “cold and clammy” environment that we all want to avoid.

The Rawal APR Control

Rawal APR reduces the AC or heat pump system capacity to match the lower load conditions in the space. Rawal APR extends the run-time of the compressor, keeping the evaporator coil active.


Unreliable and inadequately maintained systems can lead to a variety of problems: frozen coils, compressor failure, freeze-stat lockouts, liquid slugging, and more. The cost to fix your equipment, and repair any associated damage to the space, can kill your budget (and be a huge pain)! If you don’t schedule maintenance for your equipment, your equipment will schedule it for you!

The Rawal APR Control

The APR control provides capacity modulation that can prevent many of these problems – before they start. You’ll reduce unexpected midnight callbacks and your customers will avoid expensive repairs.


In any system designed to continuously vary airflow, bring in unconditioned outside air, or meet energy efficiency requirements –  you are likely to run into rapid short cycling, inconsistent discharge air temperatures, lack of comfortable temperature, and a rise in space humidity.

The Rawal APR Control

The APR Control is a proven simple enhancement to the refrigeration circuit that will improve the functionality of all of these systems as a result of its ability to provide continuous capacity modulation and enhanced dehumidification.

Such as:

  • MUA (make up air) or high % OA (outside air).
  • VAV (variable air volume) or VVT (variable volume or temperature).
  • Mismatched equipment and Retrofit/equipment replacement challenges, such as new unit lead times.
  • HVAC system optimization (energy savings and performance enhancement).

Industry Expertise

Every day, buildings around the country are more comfortable thanks to the Rawal APR control

Rawal Difference - Speak to the Rawal Team Directly!

In service scenarios, we can help you find solutions that use the APR Control with existing equipment and controls. APR Control offers more reliable compressor life and is accepted by major OEM manufacturers.

We’ll help you to work within the customer’s budget and avoid long lead times with new units.

For new applications and systems, we offer in-depth consultation and solution assistance at planning and design stage.

We have over 25 years of successful solutions in a wide range of DX A/C applications up to nominal 100 tons…and beyond!

We invest in your success. Our goal is to build trust, not dependence on costly replacements! Our 50+ years of experience will help with unit selection and system design, enabling you to achieve innovative HVAC solutions.

The APR Control is The Best Approach

The APR Control can achieve the same design goals as most reheat systems through its modulation capabilities. The APR improves dehumidification and temperature control. And the APR eliminates the high operating cost associated with electric reheat

The APR Control provides exceptional compressor turndown capabilities and comparable power savings to the new variable speed technology – at a lower cost.

Since the APR Control has been embraced by the industry, it has often been mistaken for and compared to hot gas bypass. However, the APR Control offers superior dehumidification and is accepted throughout the industry as the preferred code compliant solution!

The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.