APR Control Compared to Variable Speed Alternatives

APR Control Compared to Variable Speed Alternatives
Challenging internal wiring of unit with VFD.

APR Control vs. Digital Scroll & Other Variable Speed Technology

Engineers, Technicians & Contractors are curious about how the APR Control compares to similar technologies that provide system compressor and capacity modulation. This page shows the similarities and differences of Digital Scroll Compressors, VRV or VRF Systems cost, performance, and reliability.

Why is the APR Control Better Than Digital Scroll?

  • Lead Time & Availability
  • Lower Cost
  • Service-Friendly
  • Comparable Performance


The APR Control:

The APR can be installed on both new and retrofit projects; allowing you to keep existing in-place systems and still achieve variable capacity at a reduced budget.

The initial costs of APR Control is significantly less than the alternative compressor technologies. This low initial cost greatly outweighs the cost disadvantage of VRF system’s installation, maintenance, and repair.

APR Control’s low failure rate results in lower service and maintenance costs.

Variable Speed Alternatives:

The initial cost and installation of replacing existing equipment with an entirely new systems equipped with variable speed compressors is considerable.

The cost of replacement parts (ex. computer chips/boards) for the newer technologies is another significant cost disadvantage when it comes to repairing Digital Scroll Compressors, VRV, or VRF systems.


The APR Control:

The APR Control is a completely mechanical devices that is easy to understand when compared to new technology.

The APR has become well-known for its “Technician Friendliness” and requires virtually no troubleshooting after installation. It is truly a set-it and forget-it modulating solution.

Alternative Technology:

The disadvantage of the newer technologies, like VRV or VRF systems, is that it is time-consuming for commissioning, troubleshooting, and the repair process.

Digital scrolls and variable speed technology require much higher commitment to regular maintenance and service. That is why most facilities (like K-12 schools, universities, and government/public buildings) prefer systems that their technicians are familiar with and can easily manage.


The APR Control:

Simply put, the APR control has an extremely low failure rate and is maintenance free!

The APR protects your compressor along with the rest of the system against missed or improper maintenance.

Variable Speed Alternatives:

New technology (Digital Scroll, VRV or VRF systems) are susceptible to electrical failures (ie. brown outs, single phasing, etc.). The APR Control is not susceptible to any electrical fault.

The complexity of the new technological options poses ever increasing challenges to your service & installation teams. Choose what your sales reps and mechanics KNOW works.

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.