APR control energy efficiency

APR control energy efficiency
By modulating the DX compressor for load-matching performance, the APR Control helps save energy in many applications.

The APR Control provides alternative design strategies that have been proven to reduce total power consumption of a new or existing system installation/design.

Direct Savings with the APR Control

The APR Control provides direct compressor power savings.

  • Reduces compressor lift in direct expansion (DX) systems
  • Reduces needed horsepower for the refrigeration effect
  • Reduces kw/hour – true load matching using only the amount of power needed to cool the load
  • Reduces cycling – (hard starts = higher amp draw) decreases billable kw

Indirect Savings with the APR Control

An APR Control enhanced system allows for total system optimization without the need for complicated control strategies.

  • Supply air temperature reset control strategies with the APR-E
  • Humidity control for easier comfort
  • Higher thermostat set point
  • Minimize or eliminate reheat
  • Single/ Multi-zone VAV systems

HVAC Optimization with the APR Control

You can optimize your HVAC system by adding the APR Control to provide the necessary amount of cooling to maintain building comfort demands at energy efficient levels utilizing the least amount of power consumption.

Benefits of using the APR Control for HVAC optimization includes:

  • Improved occupant/space comfort from improved temperature and humidity control
  • Maximized energy savings on new, old, or even mismatched equipment
  • Extended equipment lifecycle from less system fatgue
  • Ease of commissioning and balancing new & existing air conditioning systems

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.