APR Control Products

We highly recommend consulting with Rawal engineers for assistance in ensuring proper sizing and selections. We offer APR controls for a vast array of alternative refrigerants for many specialty applications.

Adding an APR Control to Heat Pumps

The APR Control Enhances Heat Pumps In the case of heat pumps, you have to prioritize capacity for either cooling or heating.  If you are prioritizing and sizing for the heating load, the result will often be excess cooling capacity. The APR Control will… Read More

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Rawal APR Control Products

Rawal Devices manufactures the APR Control & APR-E Valve in many different sizes for a variety of refrigerants APR Model # Modulation Capacity APR-410-1 1.5 tons APR-410-2 2.5 tons APR-410-3 3.5 tons *APR-410-5 5.5 tons APR-410-6 6.5 tons APR-410-10 10 tons APR Control Application Example System Tonnage 5 Tons 5… Read More

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APR Control Installation Resources

This webpage provides a comprehensive suite of resources to simplify and expedite the installation process of Rawal APR Control. Find essential materials lists, preparation guides, and even a free webinar offered by Rawal Devices to ensure a smooth and successful installation for your HVAC system. Read More

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Maintaining Temperature and Humidity Levels with the APR Control in Controlled Environments

In any controlled environment avoid equipment off-cycles so you don’t “lose the room!” Maintaining tight temperature and humidity levels in controlled environments such as cleanrooms is critical to prevent material damage, production loss, and shutdowns. Installing the Rawal Devices’ APR Control can be the perfect, cost-effective solution to avoid any interruptions in production as a result of the failure to maintain quality. Read More

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Avoid Costly HVAC Callbacks

In HVAC Service, callbacks and warranty issues are an enormous problem and headache for HVACR contractors and service technicians. With the addition of the APR Control, you can eliminate callbacks on new equipment and improve performance of older/in-place equipment, saving you (and your customer) both time and money! Read More

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.