HVAC Applications

The APR Control is an optimal solution for oversized air conditioner systems. Standard air conditioning design requires the system capacity to meet maximum design criteria (i.e. maximum outdoor temperature, sunshine, internal occupancy, and ventilation requirements to name a few).

Oversized Air Conditioning Solution

Your typical air conditioning system and control sequence… Air conditioning systems are primarily on/off devices of a fixed capacity, controlled by the limits of the thermostat. A standard thermostat, when set at 72°F (with +/- 1°F range), will turn the air conditioning on at 73°F and cool the space, at… Read More

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Precise Temperature & Humidity Control Solution

Many applications, including surgery suites, clean rooms, high-precision manufacturing, etc., have tight temperature and humidity requirements that can benefit from the addition of the apr control. By providing continuous capacity modulation to match changing load conditions, the apr control has helped correct many under-performing systems. Read More

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APR Control Enhances System Reliability

A system that has the ability to modulate capacity also can provide better reliability and fewer operating problems. These often are related to stresses placed upon the system’s compressor. Short cycling, low airflow, and other system problems can easily be corrected with the APR control. As a result, the Rawal device can reduce call backs and warranty issues, even on new sys Read More

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Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

The APR Control provides (air conditioning circuit) modulation for humidity control, the benefit of extended runtimes, and the ability to maintain a system in a dehumidifying mode all serving Comfort and Indoor Air Quality. These factors allow simple single-stage/multi-stage DX systems to respond to a wide variety of operating conditions that all benefit space comfort. Read More

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Meeting Cannabis Grow Room HVAC Challenges

Mechanical HVAC systems can be the greatest limiting factor or the greatest opportunity to maximize productivity and profits in the indoor Cannabis Cultivation Industry. Those involved in cannabis HVAC system design, service, and operations are realizing that undersized or oversized systems from inaccurate load calculations for a given room lead to major challenges. Read More

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.