The Problem with Oversized HVAC Systems

Problem: HVAC systems are typically sized for full load conditions, which only occur for a small percentage of the year. The rest of the time that system is oversized, which can lead to many operational issues. Oversizing HVAC systems is a common industry practice to create safety margins when conditions… Read More

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Retrofit Existing R-410A HVAC Equipment Rather than Replace

​​Simplify Operations and Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Introducing the APR Control HVAC professionals face constant pressure to balance budgets, customer demands, and industry changes. The APR Control offers a cost-effective solution to simplify operations and maximize existing resources. By extending the life of your customers’ in-place R-410A… Read More

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APR Control Direct Compressor Energy Savings

APR Control Compressor Power Consumption Testing Parameters An HVAC equipment manufacturer conducted a test in their state-of-the-art testing facility to assess the direct energy-saving benefits of utilizing the APR Control at part load conditions. Original equipment performance parameters: 10-ton rated at AHRI 210/240 Two 5-ton stages… Read More

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Energy Efficiency Benefits with APR Control

APR Control Energy Efficiency The APR Control provides alternative design strategies that have been proven to reduce total power consumption of a new or existing system installation/design. Direct Savings with the APR Control The APR Control provides direct compressor power savings. Reduces compressor lift in direct expansion (DX) systems Reduces… Read More

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.