Retrofit vs. Replace

Retrofit Existing R-410A HVAC Equipment Rather than Replace

Retrofit Existing R-410A HVAC Equipment Rather than Replace
Building rooftop cluttered with existing in-place R-410A equipment, in downtown Atlanta, GA.

​​Simplify Operations and Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Introducing the APR Control

Service managers face constant pressure to balance budgets, customer demands, and industry changes. The APR Control offers a cost-effective solution to simplify operations and maximize existing resources. By extending the life of your customers’ in-place R-410A HVAC equipment, they can avoid costly replacements, minimize energy consumption, and eliminate interruptions to operations. Keep these loyal, long-term customers happy and coming back for future projects!

How is the APR Control extending my equipment life?

  • Continuous capacity modulation, matching system capacity to
    changing load conditions
  • Extend runtime, reduce short cycling:
    • Eliminate frequent stops and starts from excess capacity
    • Frequent stops and starts create unnecessary wear and
      tear on compressor and other parts
  • Protect the refrigeration circuit from:
    • Frozen coils
    • Liquid slugging
    • Low compressor superheat

The APR Control is designed to be user-friendly and compatible with almost all DX equipment. Installation is straightforward, and Rawal Devices provides exceptional, live customer support to ensure a smooth transition. Additionally, businesses can continue using and selling their existing stock of R-410A equipment, refrigerant, parts, and tools, making the APR Control a simple and effective way to future-proof operations.

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.