Rawal Devices manufactures the APR Control and the APR-E Valve for a variety of refrigerants in many different sizes.

APR Model #Modulation Capacity
APR-410-11.5 tons
APR-410-22.5 tons
APR-410-33.5 tons
*APR-410-55.5 tons
APR-410-6 6.5 tons
APR-410-1010 tons
APR Control Application Example
System Tonnage5 Tons5 Tons
Compressor StagingSingle Stage CompressorDual Stage Compressor (3.5 Ton Lead)
Suction Line Size7/8″ OD7/8″ OD
APR Control ModelAPR-410-3APR-410-2
System Modulation/Turndown %5 Tons down to 1.5 Tons
70% Turndown
5 Tons down to 1 Ton
80% Turndown

View the APR-410A Spec & Dimension Sheet for more details

Also available for R-22 and for our Electronic APR-E Valves

*Please note the APR-410-5 has a different factory setting and adjustment range from all other models

Also consider our electronic APR-E Valve for precision discharge air or BAS control.

We highly recommend consulting with Rawal engineers for assistance in ensuring proper sizing and selections. We offer APR controls for a vast array of alternative refrigerants for many specialty applications.

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