Precise Temperature & Humidity Control Solution

Many applications, including surgery suites, clean rooms, high-precision manufacturing, etc., have tight temperature and humidity requirements that can benefit from the addition of the apr control. By providing continuous capacity modulation to match changing load conditions, the apr control has helped correct many under-performing systems. Read More

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Energy Efficiency Benefits with APR Control

APR Control Energy Efficiency The APR Control provides alternative design strategies that have been proven to reduce total power consumption of a new or existing system installation/design. Direct Savings with the APR Control The APR Control provides direct compressor power savings. Reduces compressor lift in direct expansion (DX) systems Reduces… Read More

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APR Control for Ventilation & Fresh Air

Ventilation & Fresh Air The introduction of outside air with highly variable load creates the need for variable-capacity systems. APR Control enables the system to match capacity with changing load conditions. Local and national building codes require ventilation rate minimums to address potential health issues. Coronavirus (in 2020) just being… Read More

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.