Information for HVAC Design Engineers

APR Control is a Variable Capacity Enhancement for new & existing DX systems in a wide range of facilities and applications

  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Restaurant and High Humidity Applications
  • Indoor Agriculture Environments
  • Precise Discharge Air Control

APR Controls Simplify Equipment Selection Process

  • Accommodate load variability and changing criteria
    • Satisfy customer’s desire for larger HVAC units to accommodate future growth
    • Reduce risk when selecting equipment for spaces with unknown variables

New Design and Service Solution

  • New codes demand increased ventilation and fresh air
    • APR Controls provide variable capacity to standard DX units that weren’t originally designed for custom applications
    • Match existing system’s capacity to meet new and ongoing occupancy restrictions
  • Value engineering option
    • Lower up-front costs without sacrificing performance
    • Perfect for projects with lead-time or budget constraints

Meet or Exceed Standard Equipment Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Efficiency Engineers: Improve your customer’s HVAC Energy Performance
    • Save power by reducing lift of compressor
    • Lower operating costs by optimizing system with APR Control
  • Trusted and installed by Major U.S. Manufacturers
    • Major OEMs offer the APR Control as a factory-installed modification, or for field installation on their systems requiring retrofit upgrades / service
  • National Account Engineers
    • Standardize designs for use in widely diversified geographic regions
    • Units with APR Control have versatility to serve any environment

Protect Air Conditioning Design From:

  • High humidity

  • Temperature fluctuation

  • Excessive compressor cycling

  • Evaporator freezing/liquid flood-back on VAV applications

  • Unconditioned fresh air for ventilation requirements