There are no specialized tools required to install the APR Control – only the gauges and the usual tools that a refrigeration mechanic would have on his truck.

It requires soft soldering or braizing – low-temperature (silver bearing) soft solder similar to stay bright #8 (with a 535° F melting point) or 15% silver braising rod. Please note that at all times, for all types of APR Controls, it is necessary to protect the valves of the APR Control from excessive heat associated with this work. Please wrap the valves with wet rags when soldering.

Normal Installation time is usually 4 to 6 hours for an experienced mechanic, with more time required for those who are new to the APR Control. Allowing some time for adjustment can be helpful.

We strongly recommend isolation valves to assist with trouble shooting the installation, as well as charging the system, and adjustment during the initial setup of the equipment.

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