Installing an APR Control on Your System

Installing an APR Control on Your System

Rawal Devices only manufactures and sells the APR Control & APR-E Valve. We do not provide any other materials that will be needed for the installation.

The APR Control can be applied to ALL DX equipment, such as:

  • Packaged Systems (RTUs)
  • Split systems (CUs)(Single and Manifolded compressor applications)
  • Heat Pumps
  • DX Chillers
  • Make up air (MUA) & Dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS)

Typical installation of the APR Control requires the technician to recover the refrigerant, install the APR Control connections, then charge the system back up (with isolation ball valves closed), and confirm proper system operation.

Note: The APR Control requires no additional or less refrigerant than what is recommended by the unit manufacturer.

We recommend budgeting one technician day per APR Control, however times may vary based on quantity and experience.

Every job is different to one another, we would not be able to provide a list of required materials for every job. However, for any installation you may need any of the following materials:

  • Isolation Ball Valves for each APR connection (for ease of service and charging)
  • Copper Tees for each APR connection
  • Mounting bracket (to secure the APR Control to prevent vibration damage)
  • Insulation tape (for sensing bulbs only)
  • Miscellaneous copper piping
  • Wet rags for brazing (to protect APR components from overheating – voiding the warranty)
  • Proper solder or braze for installation
    • R-410A – Stay-silv 15% or equivalent
    • R-22 – Stay-brite #8 or equivalent

Please make sure you are prepared for anything that may come up on the job site. Prior to Installation we do offer a FREE 20-minute Live Webinar (via Microsoft Teams) to help ensure installation success.

Pre-Installation Webinars are offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ 9:00 AM/ET as long as people are registered beforehand. Our Technical Support team can also accommodate your busy schedules by offering private webinars for a time that works best for you.

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The Rawal APR Control is a variable capacity enhancement to DX HVAC systems.